James D Law

Wapping - Oct 28 2011

Lovely morning at Wapping - sun was out, less mud than first time. Scraped less and concentrated on just milling along using my eyes.

First up - what is this??? It's about 2 inches tall. The glass is complete (as far as I can tell), there's a cork stopper still intact and it appears to filled with water and a kind of sparkly flaky metal - bit like that Vodka you can get!

UPDATE: It's an inkwell!


A ceramic horses head - anyone know anything about this?


My first semi-complete pipes! Loads of them down there... Lovely detail of a ships anchor on one of them

Pipes Pipes

And finally a couple of milk bottles - I love old glass and I know these aren't old, but I like 'em

First one is Express Dairies - 1/3 pint - for schools maybe (pre Thatcher!)

Second says Golden Seal - can't find it online - anyone?

Thatcher Thatcher
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